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Rogue Workforce Partnership Creating Tech Video

Rogue Workforce Partnership has procured a very small grant to create a career awareness video that showcases the tech industry, and they need our stories  The overall intent of the film is to capture a range of companies and positions (not just a really small company, or a really large company and only the CIO), and to utilize the following components as a storyline:

  • Focus on eliminating the illusion that there aren’t great opportunities (in tech) in the Rogue Valley
  • Identify and correct some of the common misconceptions (about careers in tech) that students and transitioning workers have
  • Show that well-paying jobs are attainable with the right experience levels
  • Fill in the gap between students/transitioning workers, and available opportunities
  • Bring the tech industry to life (thus making it more accessible to prospective career seekers), through the eyes of current workers


There are two ways to participate in this effort:

  1. Volunteer to tell your story, or empower one of your team members to!
  2. Sponsor the effort! The current grant will only pay for about 3-4 minutes of film.

For more information, or to sign up to participate, contact Aurora King at Rogue Workforce Partnership 541-842-2582