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Rogue Tech Tour Brings 60 Students to Medford and Ashland Tech Companies

The first Rogue Tech Tour happened Friday October 28th. It brought together over 50 computer science students from Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT), Southern Oregon University(SOU), Rogue Community College(RCC), and Klamath Community College(KCC). Here are just a few highlights from the day!

Students learning at Plexis
Students learning at Plexis

Ashland Company Tour

Students from OIT and KCC caught an early bus from campus to Ashland to kick the day off at Plexis.  Once all the students arrived, they heard a keynote from CTO Pete Escobar. He talked about working in technology, how far companies can reach from Southern Oregon, and what to look for in a job.

After the keynote, students had a chance to tour both Plexis facilities and meet representatives from Project A, Infostructure, and Flowjo.

Students Visit Lithia
Students Visit Lithia

Medford Company Tour

Just before noon, the tour moved to Medford for lunch at Coding Zeal giving the students a chance to meet each other. After lunch, they toured several Medford businesses including Zeal, Lifeline, Procare, CBT Nuggets and Lithia.  They heard all about the companies, what jobs they are looking for and the technologies they are using.


Once the tour ended, everyone came together at Riders Domain where Harry and David, Fire Mountain Gems, Global Cache, and Rentec Direct were waiting with Riders Domain to meet the students and chat about their needs.

Students were impressed with the variety of technology companies that were in town and how much they valued their employees.  Many asked about internships and how to connect with the companies they met.

The tour was a tremendous effort. It was organized with team members from SOREDI, Rogue Worksource Partnership, Zeal, and CBT Nuggets.  All the businesses listed above supported the tour and made it into a great day for the students. It was a true building block for more growth of the technology in the Rogue Valley.