About the Rogue Tech Hub (RTH) Website

If you live in the Rogue Valley and work with technology, then Rogue Tech Hub is designed for you. Launched in 2015, we are your primary connection to:

  • Local Events
  • Training Opportunities
  • MeetUp Information
  • Conference Reports
  • Job Opportunities

Why We Launched This Website

The Rogue Tech Hub website was launched after attending three different technology group meetings in the Valley—each with a unique set of attendees. Several discussions followed, and one common thread became clear: many of the people in each of the groups had no idea that any of the other groups existed. That experience was the inspiration for a digital technology hub; a place where Rogue Valley tech workers can:

  • Hear about new technologies that are in use locally
  • Host discussions
  • Connect with other tech workers
  • Find out about upcoming events
  • Read about what happened at past events

What Rogue Tech Hub Does

Rogue Tech Hub connects technical people and companies via updates about local events, training, and job opportunities by sharing the details about tech events happening in the Rogue Valley. There are several small user groups scattered around the Valley right now, and each operates independently of the other groups. If you don’t already know about their events, the scheduled dates, times and places may not be the easiest to find.

Our Current Focus

The short term focus is on events. If your group hosts events and would like to have them included on our site, please fill out the form. We use Meetup, and include feeds from Meetup in our calendar. If your group doesn’t have a Meetup page already, we are willing to host your events on our Meetup page.

The Future: Help Us Grow!

Over time, with input and participation from other tech workers in the valley, Rogue Tech Hub can expand to include more than event announcements and wrap-ups. In the interim, you are invited to attend the events, get to know other local tech workers, and help us build a stronger tech community in the Rogue Valley.